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No rehearsals in the common sense.
"Whenever we wanted to jam we met in the reconstructed cowstable of our farmhouse in Wäscherhof."
Each tune of this album is improvised.
"We didn't want to use any lyrics this time. The way we wanted to express ourselves was by means of the instruments alone. ‚The first tune' is our first recording in a professional studio and the first tune we ever recorded together. We did some overdubbings to the basic tracks of drums, bass and organ. Himbi did a great job using his special effects and sound collages. He also mixed this tune.

" The other three pieces of side A were recorded in Wäscherhof with a four-track TEAC tapemachine mixed down to a UHER REPORT two-track stereo. No studio gimmicks involved.

Side B is a live recording by Joe D. Lindauer with two microphones and a pretty good casette recorder purchased from soldiers of the American Forces who really liked to smoke and probably still do.

‚Trippin' with birds' features Tommy on hammond with ringmodulator and fender rhodes, Fred on drums and percussion, Andy on alto-sax and tape-recorder (one day in spring Andy dropped some acid, grabbed the UHER and disappeared in woods nearby the farmhouse to record birds, tractor, zipper and voice. A guy called Peace, in the same state of mind, was together with him).

On ‚Kudu' Andy changes to fretless bass-guitar. When Neusi returned from the USA he suggested the name for this piece. The original idea came from a mega superstar (no namedropping) Neusi met at RCA.

‚Horny': you know what it's like... Andy choses to play guitar on this one.

The tapes are mastered and cut in Zuckerfabrik Stuttgart. The album is produced by exmagma. All music by exmagma. 1973 exmagma's first was No. 1 for several weeks on Triad Radio Station in Chicago.

Album first released in 1973 on Neusi Records