exmagma 72 - 75

Andy Goldner, Tommy Balluff und Fred Braceful leben von Februar 1972 bis September 1974 mit zahlreichen Freaks aus aller Welt auf einem Bauernhof, dem Wäscherhof, in Süddeutschland.

exmagma zieht 1974 mit einigen Mitbewohnern des Wäscherhofs nach Frankreich. In der Normandie finden sie ein abgelegenes Haus, in Paris eine Wohnung unweit des Place de la Republique.

The two German members of the group were Thomas BALLUFF from MULI & THE MISFITS (a '60s Mod-Soul band that depended on his Hammond B-3 grooves rather than on brass) and guitar and bass player Andy GOLDNER, who came from FIVE FOLD SHADE, Stuttgart's premier R&B band in the PRETTY THINGS / YARDBIRDS category. Fred BRACEFUL, the late drummer, was born in Detroit and came to Germany with the US Army in the late '50s. He was a well-paid free-lancer in the early '60s, but never quite your standard jazz drummer who'd be content to build the backbone of a rhythm section. With like-minded keyboarder Wolgang DAUNER, he formed ET CETERA in 1970, a group that released one of the few real necessary and satisfying albums of a genre that we now know as Krautrock.
1972 BRACEFUL joined MAGMA, the band that changed to EXMAGMA after finding out about the French outfit of the same name. (The fact that EXMAGMA's second LP was only released in France caused a lot of "who's who" guessing among collectors, especially as the French MAGMA sound a lot more Teutonic than EXMAGMA).